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Envie: Our Downloadable Ultimate Puzzle Games... The Games That Get You Thinking!

Envie is the toughest little puzzle there is...full of daily quests and numbers, this game really gets you thinking. Have you got what it takes to complete our daily challenges? If so, let us get started - download our newest ultimate puzzle game now!

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Challenging Games That Really Get You Thinking! Enjoy Our Puzzle Game Envie - Download Now!

Inspired by other popular number and grid puzzles, but with an original twist that'll have you hooked! This thrilling, moreish puzzle game is equal parts relaxing and exhilarating! Get thinking with our daily challenges, great for all ages. Share your current score on Envie today! Spread the word! Share our great puzzle game Envie on our socials today! Check out our socials now!

Download Envie Now: Our Exciting Mobile Online Games

Need more of a challenge? Then check in each day for an updated challenge, and share your score on socials to keep the rest in Envie! Available on our store for all ages: App Store and Google Play! Have you got what it takes?

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